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We are currently the largest North American producer of USP Food Grade Glycerin that is both kosher and halal certified, with a production capacity of 80 million pounds per year. Our glycerin is 100% vegetable-based, produced from oilseeds harvested and crushed in North America.  It has a minimum 99.7% purity specification and is consistently among the highest quality available anywhere.

Our production facility in Claypool is approximately 100 miles Southeast of Chicago and serviced by the Norfolk Southern rail lines. This convenient location affords direct rail movements, with our fleet of new food-grade rail cars, to many locations in the Eastern, Southern, and Central United States. We are also within competitive trucking distance to many pharmacological, food and industrial manufacturing corridors in the region.


Louis Dreyfus Company is a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods. We leverage our global reach and extensive asset network to serve our customers around the world, delivering the right products to the right location, at the right time – safely, responsibly and reliably. Our activities span the entire value chain from farm to fork, across a broad range of business lines (platforms). Since 1851 our portfolio has grown to include Oilseeds, Grains, Rice, Freight, Finance, Coffee, Cotton, Sugar, Juice, Dairy, Fertilizers & Inputs and Metals.

We help feed and clothe some 500 million people every year by originating, processing and transporting approximately 81 million tons of products. Structured as a matrix organization of 5 geographical regions and 12 platforms, Louis Dreyfus Company is active in over 100 countries and employs more than 22 000 people globally at peak season.


  • Glycerin Manufacturing and Refining
  • Reliable US-Based Supply
  • Customer Service
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Global Distribution
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Regulatory Expertise
  • Market Knowledge and Insight
  • Global Supply and Demand Research
  • Commodities Trading
  • Soybean and Canola Processing and Refining